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Apr 17,2014

 File 20614

The toughest job for a writer of fiction is to make the made-up stuff seem as true as the fact. We need to make the reader believe in the characters. We need to convince them that we know everything about the storyworld we are leading them through. So we do a ton of research on lots of bizarre little details.

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Apr 14,2014

File 20563

Out there in the big, bad world of moviemaking, no one will read your script unless it looks like a script. There are some pretty strict rules on how a script should be formatted, how the dialogue and action description should look, and screenwriters ignore them at their peril.

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Apr 10,2014

File 20476

What's your favourite movie based on a Young Adult novel? The Book Thief? The Harry Potters? The Hunger Games? Tomorrow When the War Began? 

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Apr 01,2014

This month on Inside a Dog, I want you to help me write and develop a movie.

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Mar 31,2014

Dear Readers of this Blog, 

This is my final post here at Inside A Dog.  Thanks for having me.  It’s been great!  I’ll miss you.  

(The next blogger is Tristan Bancks, and i wish him a warm welcome.)

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Mar 28,2014

A long time ago, I did a Masters in Law at Yale. 

On my first day, I made a new friend.  We went to get a coffee, and she said this to me:

‘I am very intelligent.’ 

She emphasised each word.  If I’d known the direction that punctuation would eventually take, I’d have realised that what she actually said was this: 

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Mar 25,2014

Dear Readers of this Blog,

Hello.  How are things?

I am writing to remind you of the competition, and to tell you about my trip to Alaska.

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Mar 22,2014

1. After taking Charlie to school, I went to the supermarket to buy lettuce and bread.  Chocolate was on sale, so I got a couple.  


File 19966 


2. I saw that it should be Chocolate Day.  I bought a chocolate rabbit to spend Chocolate Day with me.  Next, I went to Kirribilli and worked in the Chocolate Cafe.  

File 19942


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Mar 19,2014

Last time I was here, in 2008, I wrote a post with the title ‘Outside, A Dog’.  

Underneath the title I wrote one line: ‘When will the dog next door stop barking?  When?’

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