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Tilly Rose's Reviews

Mar 31,2012

This is a book rich with intelligence, but not so that it overwhelmes both you and the story line. On the contrary, it is exciting and full of twists and turns that leave you in awe. For anyone who is well-informed on the subjects and religions in this book, it has an engrossing perspective and a tasty quality which draws you in. But even for those who aren't familiar with the content, this book is just as enjoyable. With a plot that includes so much in the way of information and excitement, and characters that are so human with their thoughts and natures, your heart and imagination is captured from square one. The Davinci Code is a treasure who's unique perspective provides us with a stimulating link to our past. For the more mature readers with a taste for history and learning things anew. 

Sep 25,2011

This is a beautiful book. With beautiful pictures. I now love frumpy green jumpers and boxes all the more.